Gyno Chiropractic™ Training & Certification


Be on the cutting edge.
Make a difference as a certified Gyno Chiropractor.

We are...


Do you want evidence rooted in the latest research and a place to nurture your energetic skills all in on space? We've got you.


We make sure you know what you are doing, feel confident with your clients, and have a deep web of ongoing support.


We are aware of the social determinants of health and healing. That includes ourselves. Our program centers community.

You will be a part of adding to a collective of data that will revolutionize the future of women's health within chiropractic.

Pelvic floor health is not an elective. It is essential.

Do you know how intimately the pelvic floor is connected to the spine?

At least 1 in 3 women are dealing with pelvic floor issues. You can help them.

Physical and energetic medicine are game-changers for most of the pelvic floor issues women face; and this is where chiropractors can shine.

We can lead the way to improving the standards of care in our field. By the end of this training you will have the confidence, competence, and support you need to sit with women dealing with the most common pelvic floor issues throughout all ages and stages of life

You will be able to help with:

Expressions of disembodiment

Period pain & cycle problems

Fertility and pregnancy recovery

Difficult perimenopause transitions

Pelvic pain and dysfunction, including stress incontinence

Ovarian function and overall hormone health

You will become competent and confident in:

Comprehensive physical and energetic anatomy of the female pelvis with an emphasis on fascia and the nervous system

Pelvic floor and organ alignment assessment and integration with the whole system

How to properly and holistically care for the feminine, from a neurofascial perspective

Honing your intuitive healing gifts and ability to hold space for clients receiving this deep work

Neurofascial effects on the fascia and pelvic floor 

Recognizing different pelvic floor fascial patterns and the corresponding nervous system states

Trauma-informed techniques for balancing the internal and external female pelvis rooted in a blend of both modern research and traditional healing methods

How run Gyno Chiro Salons and host women’s circles to effortlessly attract in your right clients and serve your community

Ability to facilitate N=1 experiences to contribute to our collective research database and revolutionize our field

Support in learning to gracefully scale your practice in sustainable ways following the wisdom of natures cycles

You have many ways to learn the material and engage with the collective:

Thoughtfully designed education for a variety of learning styles and to fit within your schedule so that you are prepared for your training milestones

In-person retreats and workshops to help you embody the intellectual knowledge and make your competency in pelvic floor care visceral

We host ongoing monthly virtual group sessions to share skills and review case studies

This program is designed to be flexible around your goals and provide you with deep support

We host seasonal live virtual events where we review and refresh on all the latest innovations and insights

Contribute to the profession with our collective research projects

Continued opportunities to connect with the brilliant colleagues in our collective as we continue to grow

Lots of opportunities for self-led learning as well as baked-in group and 1:1 support

Your pathway to become a Certified Gyno Chiro.

As initiates progress through the layers of the Gyno Chiro Method, they embody deeper levels of its principles. Each layer encompasses WISDOM (virtual courses) and EMBODIMENT (practical application) with the goal of centered integration.

This elemental layer covers the basic principles and elements of the Gyno Chiro Method, preparing initiates for deeper work. The virtual courses provide essential knowledge for working in the feminine energy field, as well as understanding and applying gynofascial techniques, while the hands-on workshop focuses on external gynofascial rebalancing techniques supporting the belly and breasts.


Using the Elemental building blocks, Roots delves into the internal pelvis, its connection to the spine, and the neurofascial implications reaching up to the jaw in the virtual courses. During a three-day hands-on retreat, initiates learn internal pelvic floor and gynofascial rebalancing techniques, including fascial rebalancing from the spine to the internal jaw, all within a supportive feminine energy healing environment.


Initiates have 13 moons to complete the program for certification. This includes finishing all virtual courses and competencies, attending the in-person workshops, and completing 4 case studies per layer (Elementals and Roots) for certification. Successful completion of these requirements leads to certification of completion in External and/or Internal Gynofascial Rebalancing Techniques. Upon earning both certificates, initiates become a fully Certified Gyno Chiro™, eligible for Train the Trainer when it becomes available.


Certified practitioners of either Elementals or Roots can join Blossoms to renew their certificate annually. This layer offers continued access to our virtual collective, all program content, monthly virtual sessions, and additional benefits to support their ongoing education and dreams for their practice.

Elementals ($2000 $1300)

During this phase you will receive an introduction to the feminine healing arts and hidden aspects of female physiology, the basics of how to be a trauma-informed practitioner while working in this deep space, and learn external gynofascial techniques that help to align the pelvic space from both a nervous system and fascial perspective.

This work provides you with some techniques you can integrate into your practice right away and prepares you for the deeper, more internal work in Phase 2.


One year access to our private virtual collective space for Elementals where you will have access to connect with the group, our Phase One Elementals educational material, and seasonal virtual circle gatherings for connection and ongoing learning.

+ One in-person hands-on workshop: a one-day workshop covering Phase One Elementals material: external gynofascial rebalancing techniques, being a trauma-informed chiropractor, and feminine healing arts. (If you would like to attend the workshop more than once, it will cost $250 per workshop beyond the first one that is included in the original price. If you are certified and in the Blossom phase, you can attend additional workshops for $150.)

Once Phase 1 is complete you will be certified in External Gynofascial Rebalancing Methods.

Roots ($2500)

In Phase 2 you will root into the deeper layers of the feminine healing arts, learn internal gynofascial techniques (including advanced training on the pelvic floor and it's connection to the spine and internal jaw work), and advanced cases.


+ One-year access to our private virtual collective space for Phase 2: Roots where you will have access to connect with the group, our Phase Two Roots educational material, and seasonal virtual gatherings.

+ One in-person hands-on weekend retreat: a three-day retreat covering Phase 2: Roots material: deepening your understanding of the feminine healing arts, learning and practicing internal gynofascial release techniques, and integration. (If you would like to attend the retreat more than once, it will cost $500 per retreat beyond the first one that is included in the original price. If you are certified and in the Blossom phase, you can attend additional retreats for $250.)

Once Phase 2 is complete you will be certified in Internal Gynofascial Rebalancing Methods.

Blossoms ($500/year)

Your ongoing certification provides access to Gyno Chiropractic intellectual property and ongoing support from a badass collective that's got your back.
Certificates are renewed annually to hold the highest standards of care as a collective for this sacred work. 


+  Ability to use the Gyno Chiro brand name and proprietary method

+ A listing and dedicated profile page with your bio on our directory website

+ Continued access to our virtual collective space, all of the up-to-date content and the virtual sessions.

+ Ability to attend additional Elemental workshops for $150 and Roots retreat for $250.

+ How to run Gyno Chiro Salons and Pop Up Clinics to help promote, grow, and sustain your practice while operating in a feminine flow.

+ Access to our ever growing Research Library so you can always have easy access to the latest in fascia and female pelvic floor insights.

+ Done-for-you marketing assets to support your practice (presentation decks, Gyno Chiro branded brochures and handouts, listing on our directory) so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

+ Gyno Chiro Practice Incubator (a private space in our collective space for support of your practice)

Frequently asked questions.

This is a competency-based training that is flexible in its format. All layers begin with self-led foundational training to prepare you for the practical application. Once those are complete, the certification phase includes virtual skill shares where you can process and present your case studies as you practice Gyno Chiropractic. The goal is proficiency in Gyno Chiropractic techniques. You have 13 months to work through all of your certification requirements.

We are headquartered in Portland, OR and often hold our retreats here. Oakland, CA is a secondary location where routine retreats will be held. Retreats in other locations are possible depending on how many students are in certain areas (if you would like to host, let us know!).

This program is designed for you to be able to integrate Gyno Chiropractic methods and apply them immediately after you demonstrate the core competencies at the in-person retreat. For certification, there is a requirement to complete a set number of case studies, demonstrate your ability to support a wide range of pelvic floor clients, and perform the internal and external Gyno Chiropractic techniques. There is a strong scaffolding of support within the program with high touch from your instructors and the community so you're competent and confident conducting the techniques, exams and assessments.

Nothing up front. Four different books are required reading for certification. Inside the program, there will also be a resource list of recommendations for deeper learning and the supplies you need to begin your practice.

We do not offer refunds. Our training material is front-loaded and we offer generous payment plans. There is deep and direct support from your instructors throughout the learning and integration process. Please be sure this is the right program for you before you sign the contract and submit payment. If you are not ready to dive all in upfront, there are lots of ways to begin your journey slowly (see Elementals).

Each state is different regarding internal jaw or internal pelvic work. Ultimately you are responsible for working within your scope of practice. Please know that the information in this program is incredibly useful to both in-scope and out-of-scope chiropractors. Most of the material in this program is still applicable. Additionally, the pelvic floor muscles attach directly to the tailbone and sacrum. They affect the spine and *should* be within the scope for all chiropractors. We have already been in communication with at least one state board with ambiguous laws when it comes to internal work and they are looking into our program as the gold standard of training to allow this work in their state. Education is advocacy and it continues to look promising that boards are willing to open up their scopes of practice with the right training and support. We do offer a discount for those in currently out-of-scope states. Please contact us to enquire about your options.

Contact us if you have any more questions.