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Are you passionate about getting to the root of your clients female pelvic floor issues?  

Certified Gyno Chiros™ receive FEMALE PELVIC FLOOR + HORMONE HEALTH training that's improving client outcomes and leading the future of women's health.

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With 1 in 3 women currently experiencing a pelvic floor issue, the stark reality is that there are not enough skilled providers to meet the need. So many of these issues are rooted in deep structural and energetic imbalances. Chiropractors are uniquely positioned to provide excellent pelvic floor health care when trained on the latest clinical innovations.

If you are a recent graduate looking to begin a fulfilling career, or if you are a seasoned chiropractor looking to expand or rebirth your practice, the Gyno Chiropractic Training & Certification Program will give you the competence and confidence you need to fill this women's health gap.

Learn trauma-informed Gyno Chiropractic methods rooted in the latest fascia research, nervous system and hormone data science, and over 13 years of clinical practice.

Meet your guides.

Dr. Danielle is the founder of Gyno Chiropractic and a clinical innovator who ventured to change women's health for the better nearly 20 years ago. After experiencing a lack of solutions when facing her own female health issues, she became obsessed with the gentlest techniques.

Now after 13 years working exclusively with female pelvic floor clients, she has developed her own chiropractic methods to deeply support those 1 in 4 women with pelvic floor issues. Dr. Danielle's seasoned clinical experience led her to discover that trauma-informed fascial work is the best way to balance the female pelvic floor. 

Her background in communications, web design, and data analysis brings wholeness to this program.

Shara is a FemTech Inventor and Female Hormone Health Innovator who specializes in ovulation effects on the nervous system and brain. She has tracked countless hormone patterns to design, develop, and create breakthrough cycle solutions for women rooted in female vitality and flow state experience. She is instructing the next generation of Gyno Chiropractors on nervous system changes across the female hormonal cycle and perimenopause transition.

She is also on the innovations team at Proov, and has helped launch the first FDA-cleared medical device that is used by women around the globe to test all four ovarian hormones at home.

Her background as a professional belly dancer brings depth and somatic understanding to this program.

Join us.

Gyno Chiropractic was developed by Dr. Danielle after more than a decade of working in the field and synthesizing the best practices for new methods of female pelvic floor care with optimal results. The purpose of the Gyno Chiropractor is to restore balance at the root in order to allow for natural health and vitality of the whole. We are dedicated to providing our Gyno Chiros with the wisdom, skills, and community support needed to help heal and empower their clients.