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Begin a transformative journey into gynofascial healing with our Gyno Chiropractic™ Elementals Training Program. This course is an essential first step towards our comprehensive Training & Certification.

Transformative Education for Chiropractors

Designed for chiropractors with a call to work with women in a deep way through neurofascial techniques focused on the pelvic floor, this program explores the critical reasons behind why pelvic floor work is so important for healing at the root.

You will learn introductory external gynofascial rebalancing techniques, the feminine healing arts, the basics of fascia, and being a trauma-informed chiropractor.

You'll learn about the common issues affecting the one in three women reporting pelvic floor issues and provide support through all life stages, using a chiropractic approach.

Why Enroll in Gyno Chiropractic™ Elementals?

Our unique curriculum integrates the wisdom of the five natural elements to deepen your understanding of women's health. It addresses the historical neglect of women and fascial-based healing in both conventional and alternative healthcare, offering a unique perspective on feminine healing. And, provides you with a deep understanding on how we can support the female body throughout all phases of life.

Explore the Elementals: A Journey Through Feminine Healing

Dive into the five elements and their correspondence to the stages of a woman's life. This comprehensive approach includes addressing pelvic floor health from a chiropractic perspective, enriched with holistic practices. Starting with foundational teachings on the first day, the program unfolds through detailed explorations of each element, providing a thorough understanding of fascial health across the lifespan.

The 5th Element —  Fascia: The Forgotten Feminine

  • Delve into fascia as the embodiment of the forgotten feminine. Learn how this critical yet often overlooked connective tissue plays a pivotal role in holistic healing, mirroring the historical oversight of women's health issues.
  • Establish a fundamental understanding of fascia’s essential role in connecting the entire body and restoring harmony to the whole system. Learn how fascia is literally embedded in every single system in the body, including hormone production, even though it is still not taught in schools despite it’s deep impact on our health and well-being. Learn why this is especially important for the female pelvic floor.

Earth Element — The Crone/Winter Phase

  • Discuss in-depth the Earth element's impact during the post-menopausal or crone phase of life. Focus on how fascial patterns tend to crystallize with age, leading to persistent pelvic floor issues.
  • Emphasize the importance of early intervention in fascial and pelvic floor care. Explore strategies to mitigate these challenges during later life stages, including techniques and lifestyle adjustments that promote longevity and quality of life.

Air Element — The Maiden/Spring Phase

  • Address the specific challenges of the Spring or maiden phase of life, examining how early dysfunctional pelvic floor fascial patterns can arise. Discuss the common triggers and how they manifest in younger women.
  • Learn about the type of dysfunctional gynofascial patterns that tend to show up during this phase of life, how the start of menstruation is a key yet overlooked initiation, and why it is so important that we have an understanding of the function of our own bodies as a key to health and vitality into the future.

Fire Element  — The Motherhood/Summer Phase

  • Investigate the specific pelvic issues that manifest during these years of dynamic change, regardless of childbearing status. Examine the role of increased physical and emotional stress and its impact on pelvic health.
  • Explore the typical gynofascial patterns that show up during this phase and how that impacts the connection between our bodies and brains, why the menstrual cycle is the fifth vital sign, and how to support women during this time period of immense growth.

Water Element — The Queen/Fall Phase

  • Focus on how gynofascial methods can support women in the the perimenopausal phase of life, discussing how to support women through the significant shifts and changes of this period. Explore both the physical and hormonal transitions that characterize these years.
  • Discover the imbalanced gynofascial patterns that typically present during this time. Learn more about why at Gyno Chiro, we hypothesize that with the right fascial care, we can significantly reduce the symptoms that clients typically experience during perimenopause.

What is included in the Gyno Chiro Elementals.

The program also integrates personal reflections on forgotten feminine energies associated with each element, encouraging a more holistic connection to deeper aspects of healing.


+ Vital Vagina Program: Gynofascial Self-Healing Practice For Gyno Chiros: Explore the depths of feminine healing with this comprehensive self-led program for current or aspiring Gyno Chiro practitioners.

+ Lifetime access to our private virtual collective space for Elementals where you will have access to connect with the group, our Phase One Elementals educational material, and monthly virtual circle gatherings for connection and ongoing learning.

+ One in-person hands-on weekend retreat covering Phase One Elementals material: external gynofascial rebalancing techniques, being a trauma-informed chiropractor, and feminine healing arts.

Elementals is the first phase in your journey toward the full certification program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should enroll in this program?

This program is ideal for chiropractors and chiropractic students who are interested in expanding their practice to include specialized techniques in women's health, particularly in addressing and managing pelvic floor issues. The program is currently only available to those who have a gynofascial system; regardless of how they identify.

What will I learn in the program?

Participants will learn about the importance of fascial health in the pelvic floor, the impact of the five natural elements on women’s health, and how Gyno Chiros address issues at different life stages. The program covers the theoretical knowledge regarding strategies for prevention and treatment of common pelvic floor concerns in the context of the historical obscurity of fascial and women’s health by male-dominated healthcare systems.

How is the training delivered?

The training is delivered in live virtual sessions. Live sessions allow for real-time engagement with instructors and fellow participants for this initiatory material. Some of the straight-forward information will be recorded for you to review after you have attended the live virtual session.

What is the duration of the program?

The total duration of the program varies depending on the pace at which you choose to engage with the material. However, the live sessions span two days, with additional time recommended for engaging with the recorded materials and supplementary resources.

Is there a certification involved?

Yes, upon completing the Gyno Chiropractic™ Elementals Training Program, participants are eligible to proceed to our full IP Training & Certification. This further qualification deepens your expertise and credentials in gynofascial chiropractic care for the pelvic floor.

How can this training benefit my practice?

This training can significantly enhance your chiropractic practice by equipping you with specialized knowledge and techniques to address women's specific health needs, particularly related to the pelvic floor. This can help differentiate your practice in a competitive field and provide greater value to your patients.

1 in 3 women are reporting pelvic floor issues and chiropractors are uniquely positioned to support these women. We have a natural ability to work with both the physical and energetic realms, which is at the root of the majority of pelvic floor concerns.

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This training is more than a program—it's an initiation into a holistic and dynamic approach to women's health. Enhance your practice and deepen your understanding of women's health through the seasons of life.

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Elementals is $1300.

If needed, there is a three month payment plan option at the enroll link. You will need to be paid in full before being eligible to attend the hands-on retreat. But don't worry, there is plenty of self-led material, monthly virtual connection calls, and full collective to interact with as you wait. And we offer these retreats seasonally, so the next one is right around the corner.